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Sun Pei
Hi, I am Sun pei, born and brought up in Shanghai, which is the richest and most modern city in China. I knew nothing about pocket cloth diapers before 2008. I accidentally found out about it when I was buying baby products for my son who was about 5 months old at that time. My husband and I researched and found out more about modern day cloth diapers and thought it would win a large market in the future. So we began our business of cloth diapers and Sunbaby Diapers were born.

We were quite comfortable financially before we started out our Sunbaby Diapers business. The beginning was quite rough and we really had a hard time selling cloth diapers. Less income, few sales and lack of understanding or cooperation from family and friends led to frustration.

When we were almost considering giving it up, we met our partner who runs a small factory. After getting to know each other and discussing our business, we decided to collaborate together, design the products, pick up quality fabric and manufacture them all by ourselves. This helped us in controlling quality, design products ourselves and even reduce the cost of shipping and stocking. All these helped us market the product better and receive more and more orders from all over the world.

Why Sunbaby?

At ‘Sunbaby’ we always accept advice from our customers and strive to improve our product. We only pick up quality materials, be it fabric, snaps or elastics to ensure the safety and comfort of the diapers. We were always confident with our materials and when it was sent for a lead test we knew what the result would be, and as expected they were, lead free! We are the only manufacturers and only sellers of Sunbaby Diapers in China, so there is less additional cost added to our products. This allows us to achieve a reasonable price for all moms who want to cloth diaper.

Our Manufacturing/Factory

Sunbaby Diapers are manufactured in Shanghai, China. Our city has strict laws forbidding cheaper labor. People who use child labor will be put into jail or fined huge amount money. So buy confidently! Your Diapers are manufactured under fair labor conditions. I am the only seller of Sunbaby diapers in china, I never make wholesale business to retailers in china so that I can ensure that I have a reasonable profit and workers in our factory can get paid well and don’t have to work overtime.